From the national office:

The minimum points required for the following adult and junior awards for the time frame of September 01, 2019 – August 31, 2020 will be cut in half.

Use the links below to submit your form. The number HAVE NOT been cut in half on these forms. Just know that when we review them we will accept the application provided you meet 1/2 the point requirement.

An example of the point requirements is below:

Leadership Responsibilities           12    6 points minimum

Activities & Advancements              8    4 points minimum

Outcomes                                       10   5 points minimum

Goal Setting                                   15    7 points minimums
45   22 points must be earned

For questions or problems submitting the form please contact Regional Director Tom Saccenti at

District Leadership Award

This award is designed for ALL district staff members with the exception of the Executive Staff. Example of leaders that qualify for this award are: Ranger Kids Field Day Coordinator, Sections/Area Director, Ranger Derby Coordinator and so on.

To apply for this award CLICK HERE

District Executive Leadership Award

This award is designed for the Executive District Staff members. In general these positions include: District Director, Deputy District Director, Outreach Coordinator, Training Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. To complete the application CLICK HERE

National Leadership Award

This award is designed for any member of the Southeast Regional Staff. To complete the application CLICK HERE