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2 months ago

Join us for a 1 hour Regional and District Roundtable!


LEAD UPDATES - Training Updates - Non-AG Church Support - Program Updates - Regional Conference updates

District Breakout Session ... See more

2 months ago

Congratulations to the members of the Southeast Region who completed the National Academy and the Advanced National Academy! These men will travel the region and the country assisting the National ... See more

3 months ago
Photos from Southeast Region Royal Rangers's post

The morning of day two of our missions trip is off to a great start. A devotion from a missionary followed by our early-morning tasks, we are going to get a lot done today!

3 months ago

IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our first team is on the road. Going to be an amazing ministry weekend.

Lakeside kids team headed to the southeast region Royal Rangers missions trip

3 months ago
James Roberts Obituary - Dunn, NC

Southeast Region,

Many of you are familiar with Jamie Roberts from NC, having served with many of you at NRMC, NEEC, and other training events around the region/nation. His father passed away the ... See more

Celebrate the life of James Roberts, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of Cromartie - Miller Funerals & Cremations.

3 months ago

If you plan on attending the S.E. Region Missions Trip please have your registration in by Monday Morning! ... See more

3 months ago

We are just 2 weeks out from our FIRST REGIONAL MISSIONS TRIP!!!!! Can't make it all 3 days, THAT'S OK!!!!! We can work with you on the schedule. We will also have lodging for the ladies if we have ... See more

4 months ago

It's affordable, easy to access and easy to plan for! We would LOVE to see you there!

4 months ago

Have you ever wanted to take your boys on a missions trip?
The Southeast Region has teamed up with Journey Church to offer an affordable missions trip option for your outpost!
For $25 your boys can ... See more

4 months ago

Southeast Region,

If you, or your staff needs to attend JBEI, there will be one held in Your Southeast Region next month, April 23-24 in Dunn, NC.

Visit the National Royal Rangers website to view ... See more

4 months ago

A testimony from a commander in our Region:

"God has opened a door for us to introduce Royal Rangers into the housing authority in our town. My Pastor also works with the local school and they are ... See more

4 months ago

A Testimony from a Commander at a Church of God outpost in Pen Florida:

"We have had a boy join FCF, and a boy getting his GMA this month. We seem to have a boy join us on a monthly bases."

That's ... See more

4 months ago

A testimony from a Commander out of Alabama:

"Young boy during a virtual old fashioned farm day (older RK) that gave his life to Christ during that event.
Additionally, our leaders have total ... See more

4 months ago

A testimony from a commander in Alabama:

"We Two GMS's over the last couple of years. Another one is about to get his! We also just got a new RK commander-plus a new boy with Asperger's is now ... See more

5 months ago

Thank you Fire Eagle for your service.

5 months ago

Enjoying spending the evening with my ranger brothers in Pen Florida as they engage in district planning.

5 months ago

Check out this Testimony from a Commander in Pen Florida:

"We have 3 boys that have received the GMA. We have 3 father and sons that have received the GMA. We have a total of 7 rangers with GMA. We ... See more

5 months ago

I love this testimony coming out of Pen Florida:

"We are continuing to Reach, Teach, and Keep boys in spite of what changes we are going through because of Covid. we have invited a boy from foster ... See more

5 months ago

A testimony from an outpost in Pen Florida:

"As we relaunched the outpost what was awesome to see was that not only were the boys excited about the relaunch, but the parents were as well. During ... See more

5 months ago

A testimony from a Commander in Pen Florida

"Covid pretty much wiped out our outpost as we had to shut down for so long. But last September we took a Spiritual Hike and relaunched. We are up to 5 ... See more

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2020 Regional Calendar

(Please visit the district webpages for individual district events)

4/23 - 4/24    Glad Tidings Church Dunn, NC





4/28 - 5/1     Eagle Rock, MO






5/21 - 5/22    Iglesia Cristiana Emanuel Juncos, PR

9/10 - 9/11    Camp Wilderness Fort Meade, FL






10/29 - 10-31    Finca Campamento Arecibo, PR